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Variations On A Theme

Along the lines of yesterday’s efforts, Merlin Mann linked to a new artistic trend: placing baby/toddler faces in old yearbooks to comedic/frightening effect. Here’s my quick attempt using my children as guinea pigs:

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Bushman Or President Bat?

Y’know, even though there’s a lot of stuff I disagree with the President on *cough*HarrietMiersNoChildLeftBehindEnergyPolicyMcCainFeingold*cough*, I still think the man’s a fundamentally decent human being. He comes in for way too much criticism from way too many people. That being…

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Mandatory Viewing

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: An episodic web “TV” show, created by Joss Whedon, starring Neil Patrick Harris as an aspiring supervillain (Dr. Horrible) whose plans are consistently thwarted by Captain Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion). Free, online, at the link…

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