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Wocka Wocka Wocka!

Britain’s Daily Star solicited “Britain’s Worst Jokes” and this poor showing was the result. The Fark thread linking to the contest, however, is chock full of atrociously enjoyable puns and jokes. Enjoy.

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Master Your Vocabulary

…Or your vocabulary will become your master. Or summat like that, I dunno. Seems as though Aron was terribly, mysteriously ahead of the curve when he called out our current crop of politicians for their overuse of The Sphinx’s favorite…

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Cybernetic Change We Can Believe In

We’ve already noted the overt visual similarities between John McCain and Saul Tigh, but this weekend’s All-Sarah-Palin-All-The-Time Media Circus caused several observant bloggers (whose names/URLs I’ve unfortunately Cmd+W’d and thus are lost to the ether) to note a not dissimilar…

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