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Why Wasn’t I Notified Immediately?

A music video 1) by the Presidents of the United States of America 2) featuring flipbook animation, iPhones and Guitar Hero III 3) directed by Weird Al Yankovic somehow escaped my attention. I shall remedy this situation for you, loyal…

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Risky Bidness

So I don’t know if y’all have seen the depths of insanity to which Tom Cruise has been driven by the neo-Gnostic Cult O’ Hubbard, but Gawker has a long video of 1/2 of Tomkat blathering on about just what…

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Nutter’s Delight

Congratulations are in order for Philadelphia, as the mayoral transition from John Street [ptui!] to Michael Nutter appears to have taken the city from “Your Mayor just got served (papers)!” to “You just got served by the Mayor!”. He may…

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