Thank Heavens For That!

I get all manner of annoying spam comments that pile up in my Akismet queue and I normally take a quick fly-by of the queue each morning to make sure that no legit comments were accidentally flagged. This morning, I was beset by the normal flood of “Sorry, friends! But I very need money!” porn spam but one new addition caught my eye because of its brevity as well as overt silliness:

buy […] | […] | http://[…] | IP: […]
Pants are now available in all browsers!

Pants, you say? Where might I find these cross-platform, standards-compliant pants? Are they made by L.L. Bean? Do they resist stains? Are they available as an ActiveX plugin, or perhaps a Firefox extension? Do they support on-the-fly styling via CSS2.1, or do we have to wait for CSS3 to come out? These are serious questions, as the implications of browsing pantsless are too frightening to consider. I mean, my MacBook would probably scorch my thighs!
[redactions mine, so as to avoid giving the spammer free publicity]

Somebody REALLY Wants Me To Visit Some Dirty Sites…

I cleaned out my Akismet queue last night at around 10pm or so, meaning that I had zero (0) spam comments in my spam/moderation screen. I loaded up the WP admin interface this morning and was greeted with the following:
Hooo-leeeee cow!
Yowsers. Somebody hit me with a massive spam attack last night, mostly with comments trying to direct me to sites proferring dirty cartoons and even dirtier Japanese cartoons, the genre of which I shall not name but which anime afficionados will most likely be able to guess.
Thank goodness for Akismet. Without it, I’d have spent the next week tracking down that many comments.