Somebody REALLY Wants Me To Visit Some Dirty Sites…

I cleaned out my Akismet queue last night at around 10pm or so, meaning that I had zero (0) spam comments in my spam/moderation screen. I loaded up the WP admin interface this morning and was greeted with the following:
Hooo-leeeee cow!
Yowsers. Somebody hit me with a massive spam attack last night, mostly with comments trying to direct me to sites proferring dirty cartoons and even dirtier Japanese cartoons, the genre of which I shall not name but which anime afficionados will most likely be able to guess.
Thank goodness for Akismet. Without it, I’d have spent the next week tracking down that many comments.

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Yikes! That’s quite the spam load to find all at once. If you’re still getting that sort of load and haven’t upgraded Bad Behavior to the 2.0.4 alpha, you should seriously consider it. From my experience, the spammers seem to have worked out how to get around the original Bad Behavior. While the alpha is providing good protection (at least for now).