Thank Heavens For That!

I get all manner of annoying spam comments that pile up in my Akismet queue and I normally take a quick fly-by of the queue each morning to make sure that no legit comments were accidentally flagged. This morning, I was beset by the normal flood of “Sorry, friends! But I very need money!” porn spam but one new addition caught my eye because of its brevity as well as overt silliness:

buy […] | […] | http://[…] | IP: […]
Pants are now available in all browsers!

Pants, you say? Where might I find these cross-platform, standards-compliant pants? Are they made by L.L. Bean? Do they resist stains? Are they available as an ActiveX plugin, or perhaps a Firefox extension? Do they support on-the-fly styling via CSS2.1, or do we have to wait for CSS3 to come out? These are serious questions, as the implications of browsing pantsless are too frightening to consider. I mean, my MacBook would probably scorch my thighs!
[redactions mine, so as to avoid giving the spammer free publicity]