Wreck-It Ralph

This looks like it’ll be a hoot. I really like what the post-Pixar-merger Disney is coming out with these days.
“Zombie… BAD GUY!” “Hi, Zombie!”
I imagine Wreck-It Ralph apps for iOS and Android will be releasing soon…

…To The Dump, To The Dump, To The Dump Dump DUMP!

That’s right, folks, it’s time for another browser-clearing session ’round these parts, so strap in and enjoy.
What’s worse than finding out that a former classmate was published in Linux Journal? Finding out that he works for Google and races BMWs on the weekends, of course. Hi, Laz!
The world’s oldest profession? Not recession proof. How did I know about this? CNN Headline news decided it was newsworthy enough for a noontime story slot. I think we’re going to need a smaller violin, folks.
The creator of that Big Picture blog I mentioned the other day was interviewed over at Waxy.org. Pretty interesting stuff. And, if you’re interested in seeing ground-level shots from the Midwest flooding, the Red Cross started a category on their WordPress blog devoted to galleries from their on-the-scene staff. There are some very cool and moving shots among those posted, so give it a look.
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WALL-E Trailer

Pixar continues to astound me, movie after movie. Next year’s WALL-E looks to be a continuation of that trend, given the high def trailer just posted over at Yahoo!. Apparently Pixar is intending to do Mel Gibson one better, skip right over the “archaic language that no one speaks anymore” and include no dialog whatsoever, relying entirely upon R2-D2-esque pips and squeaks to convey all emotion and “dialog”.
I know it’s geeky to say, but I’m psyched.


By way of Michael, I caught wind of the new trailer for Ratatouille, Pixar’s next cinematic venture. It looks like another winner, if you ask me (plus it’s being directed by Brad Bird, the mind behind The Incredibles).
I was trying to place the voices of the characters in the trailer and having a bit of trouble (Brad Garrett is the only credited voice thus far on the movie’s IMDB page) – the waiter in the restaurant is obviously Brad Bird, while the lead rat sounds suspiciously like Patton Oswalt. His on-screen companion (brother?) sounds a bit like Seth Green, although I could be mishearing that. I still can’t get a read on the off-camera disembodied voice of the rat father, though.