Of Bellybuttons And Excuses, Or: Why I Didn’t Post This Past Weekend

It has been a long time since I let a weekend lapse without a post. Generally, I like to try to get at least one post in over the course of a weekend, even if said post is of mere throwaway quality. Forcing myself to do so 1) encourages me to continue the blogging habit and 2) ostensibly creates some value for those unfortunate lucky readers who happen to stumble across this site on a non-workday. However, as is quite evident, this last weekend passed without a post. I swear I have a good excuse: my wife and I were preparing the house for the imminent arrival of our wee one.
My parents and youngest brother made the trek over to our house on Saturday and helped out with painting the baby’s room, as well as painting the trim on our living room windows, moving all sorts of crud out of our office/soon-to-be guest room and changing out our current shower head for a nicer, baby-friendlier remote shower system, all of which ended up taking most of Saturday.
After church on Sunday, my wife and I hit Ikea for various and sundry things for the guest room and then made a Target run to stock up on some household staples that we were running low on. Then, it was back home to paint the guest room and make an attempt at cleaning up the rest of the house (an attempt which, due to the sheer volume of stuff involved ultimately failed).
Both Saturday and Sunday’s activities left us disheveled and tired, mere husks of human beings, really. So you can see why I neglected the site for a two day period.
I just fear for what will happen when the baby actually arrives – this site will most likely descend into either an extreme state of disrepair or I will annoy every single last visitor with Lileks-esque tales of my wee one’s latest activities, interspersed with random out-of-focus shots of the child.

6 Replies to “Of Bellybuttons And Excuses, Or: Why I Didn’t Post This Past Weekend”

  1. Too true, nobrainer.
    If genetics are an accurate way to determine the size of any potential children, my wife and I will be having extremely tall children. The poor things will be destined for the offensive line.

  2. Large headed offspring you will be cursed with. They will play well with the linebacker/tight ends that the Rochmanfords will be producing.

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