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Purveyors Of A Pleasant Experience

After learning that I had been the victim of credit card “skimming” fraud, I found out that the dispute process is nowhere near as easy as card vendors (particularly American Express) make it seem in their advertisements. A portion of the procedure involves, apparently, getting an official dispute statement notarized in a timely fashion. Not being a notary public myself, I had to seek out the services of such a professional. Fortunately, my coworkers alerted me to the fact that each and every Commerce Bank location has a notary public on staff.
I made a quick trek to a Commerce location near my office. I stepped up to the counter and asked whether they could notarize my form. The gentleman led me over to a waiting area and then informed me that their notary was on her lunch break but he would attempt to find out how long she would be. He headed into the back of the bank to seek the information in question. I waited for around a minute before he reemerged from the back and let me know that the notary was going to cut her lunch short in order to service my request. A minute later, she emerged, led me to her desk and asked me for information on my situation. I explained my dilemma and she expressed her condolences, then filled out and notarized my form. I asked her how much I owed her, to which she replied “How about just a ‘Thank You’?”.
Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with my interactions with Commerce. I was given incredible service even though I’m not even a customer of theirs. If I ever have need of the services of a local banking institution, I do believe they will be first on my list.
Can it be that all that was required to bust my bad customer service mojo was a trip to Commerce?

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