More Serenity Blogger Reviews

There were quite a few additional reviews of Serenity posted by bloggers over the past 24 hours. Here’s a recap of the ones I’ve found thus far:



Like so many others , I’ve seen Joss Whedon’s Serenity. Actually, I saw it Friday night. My reaction right after: Bravo Zulu. For a deeper reaction and spoilers. . . Deeper reaction. Way better than Star Wars. It still had the sense of wonder of, something new. The

[…] I am a self admitted Browncoat, that is a HUGE fan of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series, so I was disappointed in the factual errors of Power Line’s review of Serenity.John Hinderaker says:Everything considered, I think Serenity is likely to be a sleeper hit, and may become a cult classic. The film is well suited to the internet marketing scheme that Universal has apparently decided on. What have they got to lose? The industry is in the dumpster, the movie is based on a TV series, Firefly, that lasted a mere seven episodes, and no one has ever heard of anyone in the cast. So where do you go to generate buzz? The web.Whedon filmed 14 episodes and 11 were aired before FOX pulled the plug. Then Sci-Fi played all the episodes in order running up to the release of the film. Since the boxed DVDs have been released they have consistently been in the Amazon top 50. True most of the cast would get a huh? who?, but I think this media nation would recognise Ron Glass at least.I know you aren’t a big movie guy or a sci-fi guy, but please get the numbers right, it niggles at me. (yes I know I’m being retentive) As far as generating buzz on the web, keep in mind that is where the fans gave the series a new lease on life. The sudio would be blind to ignore fans who make “conversions” to the series that generate DVD sales and generally drive message with the same muscle that resurrected Star Trek. Only now the fans have the might of the internet, the ultimate “word of mouth” powerhouse, the sudio would be mad indeed to ignore blogs, podcasts and forums which will drive sales. Like Peter Jackson who harnessed the fan base for Lord of the Rings, to drive the Extended Edition of DVD sales, Joss Whedon can use fans like myself to creat buzz to get folks into the theater.Offered over at Basil’s Blog.(ht: Literalbarrage and thanks for the link.) […]