1. s going over there and if they think its a good thing for us to be there. Without […]” Martin’s Musings: Iran Attempts To Rig Iraqi Election: Forged Ballots Seized…Report Denied By Al-Khafaji – “” Literal Barrage: Bruce Willis: Hollywood Anti-Idiotarian – ” I’m a bit late in bringing this up, but it looks as if Willis, with the help of Michael Yon, will be attempting to bring the story of Deuce Four’s days in Iraq to the big screen. Good to see there are still some decent souls left in Hollywood.

  2. […] (Jay V at Work on Dec 13, 2005 2:33 PM) uhh which one’s a, which one’s b, and which one’s c? i’ll wager a guess at a anyway, even though i don’t know which is which. Source: Metroblogging Philadelphia Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 14:06 Bruce Willis: Hollywood Anti-Idiotarian I’m a bit late in bringing this up, but it looks as if Willis, with the help of Michael Yon, will be attempting to bring the story of Deuce Four’s days in Iraq to the big screen. Good to see there are still some decent souls left in Hollywood. Source: Literal Barrage Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 14:05 Compassionate Conservatism How sad, that Katrina victims have to take out an ad to plead for help from members of Congress. Source: Suburban Guerrilla (featured blog Feb 13 – Feb 20) Categories: Future of Journalism Stories, Philadelphia blog stories 13:59 Climatology: Cold and Snow Tony Gigi from the National Weather Service in Mount Holly did a breakdown of warm Novembers and cold Decembers and a talk about what type of winter those years have had. There have been 11 years (not counting El Nino) that featured an above average November followed by a colder than normal December. TEMPERATURE SNOWFALL Year December Winter Source: Philadelphia Weather Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:58 Philly Local & Holiday cookie recipe while searching for some local holiday songs, the Donuts suggested I play a seasonal song so…. Philly Local Pick of the Day Tuesday 12/13/05 The Donuts “frozen River” from Sgt. Jack’s Pepper Mill CD and then I decided to share a recipe – a cookie recipe that was given to me by my friend John Myers – it is from his grandmother Thelma Myers.. enjoy!!!! our family loves these Source: XPN All About The Music Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:53 A Blast from the Past from PoliticsPA And this man wants to be YOUR Governor! Source: LiveJournal Philadelphia Community Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:51 Late Night Laughter John and I were discussing an event of some humor from the Hag Household the other night. Long Story Short: John had torn his undies and hadn?t noticed until he laid down for bed and felt a draft. Now, we?re discussing this, and he says:?I can?t believe my junk had been hanging out all day! All day! And I didn?t know it!? I burst into laughter. ?Your junk?? ?Yeah? ?Couldn?t you use another term? Like wedding tackle? Or naughty bits?? ?Nah, they?re too British. Junk is American.? He then went on to list other euphemisms that are American. And I gotta tell you, we?re one crass bunch. But crass or not, the whole conversation had me in tears? Nice to know my humor never graduated from third grade, isn?t it?! (*)> Source: flightless hag Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:49 Guess who went to lunch? So, here’s the deal. I had a bit of a surreal experience yesterday and meta suggested that I post it up here. Turns out I was able to get a ticket to W’s speech at the World Affairs Council in Philadelphia. Strangely enough, my seat was right by the little barricade that separated the unwashed masses and fat cats from the man. Surrounded by the usual array of secret service agents, handlers and media, he took the stage for his introduction and as luck would have it, happened to make eye contact at me. I winked (seriously, I did). He just kinda looked away as if I was a little strange. He was right on that score, as I am sure others who frequent the blog will attest to. So, long story into mini novella, he starts the canned speech. First 5 minutes, I am politely listening and looking at things like the slightly wrinkled suit jacket, which I can see from the side of the lecturn (not a podium since a podium goes all the way to the floor and a lectern sits on a table, a thought which struck me while my mind began to wander, somewhere I think around the third, the world has changed since nine eleven reference). On a few occassions, the room errupts in applause, based on some anti-terror rallying cry. I choose not to clap. The guy next to me does the same. Two people I know who are sitting behind me, people I know quite well, but have never talked about politics with don’t clap either. I feel kinda warm and fuzzy. Like after my third Bermuda Rum Fizz. And by 10 minutes in, I had moved on to checking out the secret service and their rapid eye movement stuff going on about 5 feet from me. Finally, W wraps it up and thanks the audience. Then, with narry a pause, he says he has some extra time on his hands and will answer some questions if anyone is interested. Uh, they were. A Lot. First up, the one about the number of Iraqi dead. Second up, the one about the connection of 911 to Iraq. Now remember, this room is filled with people I work with. People I very much consider conservative. They are asking the tough questions; W is parrying with some sharp wit (seriously, he was quite good). On other questions, he sidesteps with a right angle segue that would break your neck. But you know what? I found myself getting to know the guy. Didn’t agree with him, could see all the pitfalls of his logic, but was forced into a couple of ah hah moments that gave me pause. Ah HA #1: The guy has access to info I will never have and he seems from his comments to be remembering and internalizing a lot of it. Ah HA #2: If my listening and reading of people skills are good, I actually do think he is smart. Maybe not book smart, but quick witted and a sharp opportunist of ideas he likes. Ah HA #3: There is a tipping point when you listen to the guy. Like anyone, I first think, is he personable? And he is. Does he believe what he is saying? Then, is he in command of his opinion, yupper? Can he move people? Sadly, he can. And I found myself at least understanding him better. Nothing new to report from what everyone else says, but seriously it is different when you are in the room with him. So, finally. He steps down off the podium to a standing O and wouldn’t you know it, he makes a Bee-Line right toward me. So, I stick out my hand. He shakes it and as best as I can remember it, the following conversation occurs: W: “Good to see ya”. Me: Thank you, Sir. (We are now leaning in toward each other because of all the yelling as people try to grab his hand. I am serious. We are literally putting our heads together) W: How are you? Me: Fine, Mr. President. I just wanted to say that I learned more from the questions you answered than in any of the speeches you have given. You should do more Q and A’s and less speeches. W: You’re right. It’s just that I have too many filters between me and the people. Me: All right, then. Good job. And then I hit him on the shoulder the way you do with a buddy when they are taking off after downing a couple of brews after work. I shit you not, I smacked the President of the United States of America on the shoulder as if he was dumplingeater putting on his coat in my hallway. He smiled and moved on and when I looked up, I got the nastiest glare from the tall secret service agent, as if I just kicked his dog in the head. And that was about it. The people I was with asked me what we talked about and I said I think I just gave the President communications advice. Have no idea why I did it. I know I could have said many more incidiary things, but I think I was too nervous and intimidated. So, I took the road less traveled and tried to tell him to be himself. Did I do what was right? Did I live up to the liberal malcontents code of ethics? You tell me. Source: Liberal Malcontents Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:48 Immigration I'm not sure if the border states k… Immigration I’m not sure if the border states know what they’re up against. Source: Uncle Horn Head Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:48 Technocrati Feeds I subscribe to a couple of fe… Technocrati Feeds I subscribe to a couple of feeds from the amazing Technocrati, but am somewhat befuddled by links like this: [Lifehacks]????RHODIA ??????????????????????????????RHODIA?No. ????????????????????????????????????????… A little help over here… Source: Uncle Horn Head Categories: Philadelphia blog stories 13:47 ¿Quiénes son estas idiotas? A poll from NBC 10: […]

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