Baf Nerts Froggle Wip

I think I just broke my brain.
I had been using an older Logitech Elite keyboard at work for a long, long time. It’s a good, solid keyboard, at least by today’s standards and I was relatively happy with it. Then, I allowed the little green monster of greed to sneak in.
One of my coworkers put in an order for a batch of Logitech G15s and, after briefly perusing the literature at Logitech’s site, I decided that I’d like one as well. The keyboards arrived and I happily tossed my old Elite under the desk in favor of the new hotness G15. I almost immediately hated it. First off, the LCD screen doesn’t work under Linux or Mac OS X – Windows only, suckers! Additionally, if you have the keyboard plugged into a KVM with powered USB connections, you can’t use the keyboard to toggle between machines – it adamantly refuses to send the switching signal. If you plug it into a non-powered slot on the KVM, the backlight doesn’t work. Worst of all, the keyboard itself. It has an extremely dense layout, meaning that each key is significantly smaller than its analog on the Elite and other keyboards. This lead directly to weeks of me fat-fingering emails repeatedly and the evolution of dark fantasies regarding what I would do to Logitech product designers, should I ever catch them in a back alley.
Well, today, I’d had enough and so I switched back to the Elite, which would be all well and good if my brain and muscle memory weren’t stuck in some sort of neurological Limbo between the G15 and the Elite. I’m now fat-fingering text on the Elite, since my brain had just begun to turn the corner with the G15 (I can’t count the number of times I’ve typed “xs” instead of “cd” in a terminal window. Gah.). So now I’ll struggle through a few days worth of reacquanting myself with the Elite, I suppose. Hopefully it will be a net benefit.
Sometimes I despise technology.

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