Stupidity Loses In New Jersey To The Delight Of Netizens

If you’ve payed careful attention to the news in recent days, you probably have seen reports of proposed legislation in New Jersey that would prohibit anonymous online posts in order to impose “civility” on the Web. If service providers refused to compel legal names and contact information from their posters and commenters, they could be held liable for any statements made by said posters and commenters.
This law was stupid on its face and most likely unconstitutional; fortunately, we won’t have to worry about it (for the time being), as a swarm of intrepid NJ bloggers has forced Assemblyman Pete Biondi (the bill’s sponsor) to reconsider and withdraw the bill.
Jeff Jarvis, who lives in Biondi’s district, reacts here.
Three cheers for the little guys triumphing over institutionalized stupidity!