Doin’ A Papa Proud

Will & Gabe

Will with Aron and Heather’s wee one, Gebu-san

I know that every parent is supposed to think that their child is the absolute best, so I’m probably coming at this from a highly biased position, but I think Will is just about the best kid ever. He’s turning 7 months old this week and he actually crawled for the first time yesterday, a feat which is as scary as it is impressive to myself and my wife. “Hooray! He’s mobile! He’s mobile!?! Hide the electrical cords!” is a rough approximation of the thoughts that coursed through our minds. He can pull himself up on furniture and even will manage to balance for about a half-second before losing any semblance of control and plunking to the floor.
These next few months are going to get interesting, I tell you whut. Best be hiding the car keys, methinks…

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  1. I still need to set up a photo site like yours! let me know what I need to do. If I need to purchase some web real estate, so be it!

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