In The Works: Literal Barrage v. 3.04.0

My posting has been a bit, well, limited as of late due to a variety of factors: work pressures and overtime, additional church commitments and a host of other things, including a redesign of the site.
It’s by no means a completed work yet, but I plan on releasing a version of it to the public once I’m finished and I’m pretty excited about the possibilities. Here’s a little taste of the theme, tentatively titled “Elbee Elgee”:
Elbee Elgee preview
More details to come.

4 Replies to “In The Works: Literal Barrage v. 3.04.0”

  1. Make a button while you are at it (88×31 fits the sidebars) and let me know the location so I can link it.

  2. Federalist
    ok. I admit I don’t remember precisely which side of the debate he was on, but I thought it was federalist…
    If you still haven’t figured it out (I’m looking over at you, AO), I’m referencing the “Droppin’ Hamiltons”

  3. It’s from the “Lazy Sunday” video from SNL. The full line is “Just call me ‘Aaron Burr’ from the way I’m droppin’ Hamiltons.”

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