It’s A Good Thing I Don’t Drink Miller Beer

…Because otherwise I’d have to stop, seeing as they’re sponsoring a rally for illegal immigration to the tune of $30,000.
Disgusting. The beer, I mean. Their actions are deplorable, too. Good thing I’ve got the Ying – cheap, good, local, and, oh yeah, they don’t sponsor illegal immigration.

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  1. Come on! Illegal immigration? Since when has it been a serious problem? It has always been a problem in this country, ever since this country was a country. But why all the press now? Is it worse now than what it was last year, or 10 years ago, or more? On a list of priorities, illegal immigrations should be just above making sure the senate changes their underpants daily. I would rather the country spend its money building a levy in New Orleans that works instead of a stupid wall between the US and Mexico. And let’s just have a little refresh of some REAL urgent issues like how we should have attacked IRAN who admitted they could posses nuclear weapons instead of screwing up and attacking IRAQ who every source of intel pointed that they didn’t have WMD’s just a screwball of a leader. How the giant Social Security nightmare where we go along year after year plucking down hundreds of dollars we are never going to see again. Locally in New Jersey, our leadership (and moron voters)* has done such a poor job managing this state that education has been cut so far back, you can almost see the end of public higher edjucation in this state. Sorry Doug, I’m just so sick of illegal immigration being an issue to anyone. And I hate Miller beer too!
    * – voters in NJ for years have voted for bond after bond in the polls (oh, lets make a pretty new park or lets build another police/fire/library/municpal/senior center that we sure as anything don’t need) with the total ignorance that these need to be paid back at some point!! Our leadership has made very poor choices in trying to resolve these bond issues which created the budget fiascos a few months ago.

  2. And by levy, I meant levee – D’oh!!

  3. Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen

    They are taking over this country. This is a SERIOUS problem! They do not want to assimilate into America.
    They want America to become MEXICO.
    I can’t think of another issue as important as this one!
    If we lose our country we have nothing! And whether you believe it or not Andy…this is their intention! to take over our country!!!

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