Hooray For Grindings!

Apologies for the lack of site updates as of late. Work has been dogging me and is unlikely to quit doing so until midway through this month. To make life even more fun, my MacBook Pro has begun making a very disconcerting grinding noise. I’m working under the assumption that it’s the fan making the horrendous noise, but I’m not going to risk anything and power it up before I can take it to a Mac service depot. Which means I’ll be lugging the gigantor HP laptop home for the time being, I guess. Which ALSO means I’ll be stuck running Windows. Gah.

3 Replies to “Hooray For Grindings!”

  1. I’ve heard of other users complaints of the same thing. I have even seen a video (man, people will put anything on YouTube these days!). From what I have heard, it’s a pretty even split between the fan and the HD. Well, actually a few say it is the actual processor, but I am thinking it is the fan on the processor; how can a processor make noise on it’s own? It also seems to be a pretty even split of people getting their MBP fixed or getting the line “that sound is normal, just live with it”. Just google “macbook noise”, you’ll get over a million hits. Good luck and hopefully you’ll get it fixed no problem.
    FYI – I am still typing through your picture of the book “PostgreSQL”.

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