5 Replies to “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Boy, Will is getting BIG! He definitely now looks like a little boy and no
    longer a baby! Did the three of you have a good Christmas?

  2. We had a great Christmas, although Will definitely took the worst of it. Poor little guy – completely overstimulated by the presents and all the people.
    He did get a ride-on John Deere tractor from my brother and his wife, although he’s not so keen on the “ride-on” part and prefers to use it as the World’s Largest Matchbox Car. *grin*

  3. He’ll get there. Jacob got one about the same age and wanted nothing to do with sitting on it. Now he rides it all over my parent’s yard. He got one of those giant rubber balls with the handle that you’re supposed to sit on and bounce. He like grabbing it by the handle and seeing how far he can launch it. I don’t know where he learns such things 🙂

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