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New York City Walkers: Too Dumb To Cross The Street

…Or so a certain New York state senator apparently believes, as NYC residents apparently can’t be trusted to cross the street while listening to an iPod without getting all squishified ala the Frogger cabinet in that one Seinfeld episode. Sounds like a real case of the stupid leading the stupid, if you ask me. Residents of Brooklyn – toss this idiot out of office next chance you get, or pretty soon he’ll be trying to outlaw talking on a cell phone while riding a bike just like New Jersey tried to.
What the heck is in the water up in Albany (and Trenton, for that matter) these days? Remember: when iPods are outlawed in crosswalks, only outlaws will have iPods in crosswalks, or something. I dunno, I wasn’t really paying attention – my iPod’s on shuffle mode and Hocus Pocus just came on.

3 responses to “New York City Walkers: Too Dumb To Cross The Street”

  1. Andy II Avatar

    Hocus Pocus by Focus?!

  2. Doug Avatar

    You know it, baby.
    It was one of the most-requested songs of Q104.3’s all-too-brief time on the air, you know.

  3. Andy II Avatar

    I have it on CD!