The (Browser Tab) Week In Review

It’s that time again — time to offloadshare the most intriguing links I’ve stumbled across in the past week or so and thus unburden my poor computer’s swap spaceheart and soul.
Iron Man trailer — yes, have some.

Montana: withdrawing from the Union if the SCotUS doesn’t find an individual right to bear arms. Honey, when do we move to Butte?
Fast Facts, Fast Facts — Philadelphia! (cf Hodgman’s blog entry/The Areas of My Expertise if you’re confused.)
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Holy Cow!

So it’s been a month in which lots has gone on with a new baby in the house and I’ve had a chance to collect more than my fair share of links that may or may not interest, astound and amaze you, so, you know, watch out! Links to follow!
I remember Name Lastname — he was one of my favorite Vikings linemen ever.
Cats in zero G = Spinning Corkscrews Of Claw-Filled Death:

By way of Philly Future, we have word of Geekadelphia, your Philly-local source for all things geeky.
Speaking of Philly, “The Curse of Billy Penn” pretty accurately captures the tragedy hilarity of Philadelphia sports chokage:

How many of the following 100 movies can you name?
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A Bitovaketchuppost

Cat Soup.
Apologies for the lack of posting — it’s been crazy ’round these parts. I’ve got a post cooking detailing the why’s and wherefore’s, but for now, won’t you accept some humble links from Yours Truly?
First up, I think the entertainment studios are learning a hard lesson in not ticking off the talent (that can spell and practices wordcraft for a living, i.e., the writers):

Also, do not mess with Metal Storm. Ever.

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Ben Franklin at dusk
John Street, defender of good government:

Earlier this month, when Mayor Street announced an aggressive new city plan to go after tax scofflaws, he warned: “We will spare no one.”

Certainly, someone taking so bold a stance on other peoples’ motes must have examined his own eye for signs of planks, no?

He could have started by looking in the mirror.
Until last week, Street was $4,798.99 in arrears on his property-tax bills for two North Philadelphia properties. He paid up Thursday, shortly after a Daily News reporter asked him about the debt.

Heh. I don’t think it needs be said that I will be very happy when Philly is finally rid of Street’s particular brand of sanctimonious corruption. Here’s to hoping Michael Nutter is a better mayor than John Street could ever have hoped to be.

An Incredible View Of Downtown Philadelphia

A few lucky private citizens were lucky enough to be invited to take a tour of the still-under-construction Comcast Center in Center City Philadelphia. One enterprising blogger amongst the crowd documented the trip in pictorial form (the above panorama is an image from the 55th story). There are some incredible shots amongst the ones he managed to grab, particularly the picture of the BFP to the Museum of Art, the shot of the PMA itself and the birds’-eye shot of LOVE Park.
If you’re a Philly native or are simply interested in urban architecture, you owe it to yourself to check out the gallery.

A Sports Championship Comes To Philadelphia

The Barrage are champs!
Well, they’ve done it for the second time in their three years in Philly: the Barrage handily defeated the Denver Outlaws 23-12 on Sunday to capture the Major League Lacrosse title for 2006. I’m sure many “real” Philly fans will argue that this title doesn’t “count” against the 23 year championship drought that Philadelphia has been suffering through (heck, they make the same argument against the Wings who have won four titles in their tenure in Philly and the Kixx, who won one), but I say to heck with ’em. I honestly think that the entire city has enough of an inferiority complex that they would find a way to whine and complain unless the Sixers, Phillies, Eagles and Flyers all managed to win a championship in the same calendar year.
Me, I’m going to enjoy some underappreciated teams and root for the Barrage at a bunch of home games next year. Congratulations to the Barrage players, coaches and staff – well played.

“Solving” Problems, Philadelphia-Style

I sometimes find myself wondering whether any elected official in the city of Philadelphia is still in full posession of their mental faculties, as their actions are virtually indistinguishable from those of certifiable crazy persons.
Take, for instance, two recent occurrences, the first of which was a minor spat between Mayor John Street and District Attorney Lynn Abraham. Abraham wants a fully-funded witness protection program in order to assist in “disremembering” avoidance in her future prosecutions. Gov. Rendell’s budget failed to account for Abraham’s $1 million request, so Abraham requested that the money come from the city instead, a request which Street initially turned down. His solution? Use public housing to hide witnesses. Public housing. For the witness protection program. Mull that one over for a bit.
Next up, the Comcast Tower plumbing fiasco. Comcast is building a large skyscraper in downtown Philly and, in a bid to become the sole posessors of the tallest “Green” building in America, spec’d all the men’s rooms in the building to be equipped with “flushless” urinals. One thing stood between Comcast and this ostensibly noble goal: the Philadelphia Local 680 plumbers’ union. The plumbers were ticked that the flushless urinals would require half as many pipes and thus half as many plumbers, in addition to far lower longterm maintenance costs. They threatened to go on strike, thus jeopardizing all manner of deadlines for Comcast Tower and local residents, Comcast executives and Philadelphia media all 1) denounced the plumbers as selfish and 2) demanded a quick resolution to the situation. Street’s administration worked out a solution: the plumbers would install piping appropriate for regular urinals and simply not connect them. For “backup purposes,” in case the flushless models break or simply don’t work out.
Now that’s bold city government. Sheesh.