The Man From UNCLE

There she is, my little niece.
My wife, kids and I climbed into the van yesterday evening and ran up to the Lehigh Valley to get our first look at our new niece/cousin. My brother and sister-in-law decided upon “Laney Beth” as their name — she’s a cute ‘un, just a little peanut, really, at around 5 lbs.
So congrats go out to Bryce and Kelly on their newest little one. She’s already a blessing, and I’m sure she’ll continue to be so.

Whopping, Hearty Congratulations Are In Order

My best buddy Brad and his wife just gave birth to their first child, Kate Emerson, yesterday evening. Momma and baby are doing well by all accounts. I have no firsthand accounts of Brad’s behavior, but I’m willing to bet he’s tickled pink.
Drop by and leave him your compliments.

Exciting News

Excellent news. Aron and Heather welcomed “Spud” into the world today at around 12:30PM EST. He weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. and measured a hale 22″ long. Name withheld due to Double Secret Probation – I’d imagine Aron will post it to his blog when the time is right. Keep on the lookout for pictures as soon as Aron gets access to a web connection. Mom, dad and baby are all doing just fine.

Technolust… Engage!

As previously noted in this space, things were not-so-rosy in the land of MacBooks – I think my Bad Customer Service/Technology Mojo kicked in and delivered unto me a substandard MBP. However, things are looking rather decidedly up, as Amazon allowed us to cancel my initial order, send the broken MacBook back and get a replacement one sent out ASAP, which is due to arrive tomorrow. *fingers crossed*
In a small bit of wonderful technological irony, I had thrown the original shipping box out and so a coworker and I had to search for a similarly-sized box to ship the MBP back in. The only boxes that would fit it were… Dell monitor boxes. Betcha Apple will love getting that RMA. *grin*