NetNewsWire 3.1 Is Now Free (As In Beer)

NetNewsWire, by far my favorite RSS/Atom feed reader on the Mac, has gone completely free as of version 3.1. (See the Wikipedia article for the distinctions between free-as-in-beer vs. free-as-in-speech). There’s always been a Lite version of the app, one which limited the feed history to an artificially low number amongst other annoyances. This is excellent news.
Although I have largely moved over to Google Reader for my feed reading needs (due to the fact that I don’t have to worry about syncing items read, feeds, etc., from work to home), this release is enough to get me using NNW again. Sweet!

Swik Gets A Facelift

You will recall (or, if you’re not a total Free Software/Linux geek like me, you will have forgotten) that I mentioned a site called Swik a few months back. Well, Swik’s lead designer contacted me the other day:

Hi, you posted about SWiK in July and I just want to let you know that we have just released a completely revamped version with a lot more functionality, including wikis for registered users, ajax powered editing, easy to edit wiki language, plus I rewrote the entire interface to try and make it look a lot better. Check it out!

Sounds pretty cool, eh wot? I headed over to the newly-redesigned Swik and did some poking around. The look and feel of the site have dramatically improved and response times seem to have done so as well. So if you’ve an adventuresome bone in your body, head over there and check it out, stat.