YouTube To Internet[s]: You’ve Been Rickrolled!

This is likely (nay, certainly) only going to work for today (April 1st, 2008), but YouTube pranksters have set up the front page of YT so that all “Featured” videos instead redirect users to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.
Mass Rickrolling at the source. I love it.

Fun With Digital Effects

When in doubt, plumb the YouTube well – that’s what I always say.
First up is a video eminently worth watching, “Ryan vs. Dorkman 2”, the story of two geeks with light sabers and serious vengeance complexes:

Next up, a Snickers commercial that has absolutely nothing to do with Snickers. Cool concept, though:

Required Daily Viewing

First off, a love song, sung by geeks, gone horribly, horribly awry:

Next up, one of the absolute high points in Western action cinema, the car chase sequence from Bullitt:

From Web 0 to Web 2.0 in five minutes’ time:

Lastly, rock out to the oxymoronic “Heck No! (I’ll Never Listen To Techno)”: