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Dean Gray Tuesday
I pretty much knew this was going to happen: Warner Brothers Records has C&D’d the wonderful American Edit mashup I mentioned a couple of days ago. All hope is not lost for those who neglected to grab it while it was online, however. Enterprising fans of mashups/bootlegs have organized Dean Gray Tuesday, a virtual replay of the Grey Tuesday protest organized around DJ Danger Mouse’s remix of Jay Z’s “Black Album”. December 13th, volunteers from all over the Internet[s] will be hosting complete copies of Dean Gray’s American Edit to protest the illegitimate legal action WBR has taken (in short: since “Dean Gray” was making no profit off of the enterprise and Green Day couldn’t conceivably be deprived of album sales, the mashup should be considered Fair Use).
On a more positive note, may I direct your attention to the Chemical Brothers’ Flip the Switch and Prodigy’s Always Outsiders, Never Outdone? I am unsure as to the “official” status of either of those album-length remix compilations, but both appear to have at least a partial artists’ imprimatur (I get the feeling that these remixes aren’t sanctioned by the artists’ respective labels, but the artists themselves encourage such action). Both are very listenable and well worth a download or three.
Finally, may DJ Earworm fall into a vat of honey at a convention of irate grizzly bears, for lo!, he hath wrought a remix, born in the firey furnaces of Hades itself, combining the loathsome Kelly Clarkson with those progenitors of electronic pop, Depeche Mode. Verily, the result actually doth make me respect Ms. Clarkson’s vocals, at least when de-coupled from her accompaniment and placed with real musicians. (Direct link to the .mp3 here, if you’re intrigued.)

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  1. This is the unofficial blog (Set up by a fan, recognized by of Gray Tuesday. The differene is Grey for Jay-Z, and Gray with an A for Dean Gray. (A Mash-up of the artists they mash’d up, Green Day, in case you didn’t notice. If you have a website, and a copy, volunteer, or email me before December 13. (Gray Tuesday is the 13th.) I might ahem ahem have a copy SOMEWHERE… that i could give you. Only do this if you have a website please. People who dont, get it on GRAY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2005!

  2. I really like these mashup and bootleg remixes.. definitely feeling the Green Day one, and also Morgan Page’s “Cease and Desist” album..

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