Hey Nobrainer, I Think You’re Due A Royalty Check…

You’ll slap yourself over this one, as you too could have traded your disdain for OPEC in for a phat book deal. Looks like your anti-OPEC arguments are represented fairly substantially in Learsy’s Over a Barrell.


The more I learn about energy the less I want our government involved.
Unfortunately, I still probaby lack the credentials to be worthy publish.
Then again, lack of credentials doesn’t stop most people.

It has often been the case that breakthrough’s in technology as well as in thought rarely occur via an act of providence – they usually occur when someone takes another look at something and does something different. Because of this, credentials are not always needed to be right.
In my personal case, I have not made my own BioDiesel, nor have I tried to create H2 gas in quantity. That doesn’t mean I’m any less right (not saying absolutely that I am right) about by support for alternative fuels, or in my arguements against a hydrogen economy.
After all, now-a-days, all you need is some background (in this case – engineering) and a hook that your background may be able to provide insight on. So I say go for it. I’ll write a blurb for your back cover…

The H2 economy is looking like a ruse to develop other technologies. Specifically those are carbon capture and sequestration and advances in renewable energy sources. Both of these are listed among the 4 basic goals to making H2 a viable vehicular energy source. But if we have both of those, then the need for H2 fuel cars is decreased substantially.
Additionally, the advancement in batteries of late (and certainly I need to do more research into the topic) may have a huge impact on our automotive industry. Toyota I think just released a big breakthrough in hybrid technology via lighter, yet more efficient batteries. Of course battery technology has been driven by cell phones and computers (minus mega-government projects — or at least I want to believe as much).
Anyway, you know how we teach our kids to learn from their mistakes? Well OPEC and the oil industry learned. Over-eager supply growth after a price spike leads to a price crash. Why should they change? We’re the ones who suck.