2 Replies to “Flickr Photoset Of The 5th Ave. Apple Store”

  1. Are you kidding? There is no way that new construction in NYC hasn’t been THOROUGHLY inspected by Fire Code officials. In any event, I have seen several glass staircases. I have never seen one that spirals. That’s cool. Even though the bottom glass is frosted, I’m surprised the sides aren’t. The ladies don’t usually like the glass staircases that have people underneath. Nor men in kilts. Or maybe they do, I dunno 🙂 The idea of an all glass atrium is interesting. I am surprised that they didn’t need any fire protection up there to meet code or exhaust fans for smoke in case of a fire. Going back to the fire exits, that main exit cannot be a fire escape route without the fans, because it would just fill up with smoke. I wonder how they are going to get water and snow to drain off the roof? Oh well, Apple better play nice now that they have a glass house.

  2. I was merely making an observation – there are no obvious fire exits. Still a wicked aaaahsum building.

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