Bachelorblogging, Day 1

I dropped my wife and child off at the Philadelphia airport this morning at 6:45, meaning that I had to get up at the unholy time of 4:30. The reason for the early departure time? Our assistant pastor graciously offered us a voucher for a Southwest flight which relieved us of the financial burden of a short-notice booking to DFW but also constrained us to a very limited number of flights (read: the 7:45 AM flight was the only one not sold out). Still, I’ll take an early morning and a free ticket over the alternative any day.
So now I’ve got ten whole days to live on my own. I give myself a couple of days until I revert, Charlie Gordon-like to the near emotional infantilism that has come to characterize the stereotypical modern single American male. I believe I shall be putting in significant overtime at work and perhaps engaging in some NFL-related debauching, as well as spending some quality time at the local cinema catching up on wife-unfriendly movies that have been queueing up. I foresee a one-man reenactment of Lord of the Flies following shortly thereafter.
Which reminds me, I need to pick up the conch shell from the repair shop…

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Well, before you get all psycho – you are more than welcome to spend an evenging or two over at the new Hunter household. But you are only invited BEFORE you go crazy! No, but really, if you want some dinner, watch a DVD, have some human interaction – give me a ring. You can email me if you need my phone # again – I don’t have yours. Good luck and my sympathies to your wife and her family.