7 Replies to “How About Helping A Fellow Web Geek Out, Huh?”

  1. I bet you’re one of those fancy-dance IE 7 users, arentcha?
    I need to amend my statement: my site looks terrible on IE 6.

  2. As a webmaster, you should try to install the top 5 browsers on the market and test your web design in each. I have three machines running different browsers with different versions to test mine out. I am a compliant freak.

  3. Yes, well, that’s all well and good, and I can test on Safari, Opera, Firefox and that’s about it – I rarely have access to a Windows machine, and all the ones I do have access to happen to have been upgraded to IE7.
    I’d best be hitting up Browsershots then, I guess.

  4. I was actually performing maintenance on a machine out on our engineering floor yesterday and was waiting for Windows Update to finish running. Thought I’d check the site, out of pure vanity, of course, and noted that it looked polly wolly crappy.
    Of course, I may have to eat my words, as I’ve been suspiciously unable to recreate the issue on other machines.
    Web design is teh hard/sux0r.

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