‘Scuse The Mess

I took the plunge and upgraded Literal Barrage to WordPress 2.1 on Thursday/Friday. I’ve been slowly picking away at the transition, re-enabling plugins, moving old artwork, etc. over. I know there are a bunch of things that still don’t work correctly: contact form, archives and a lot of my old images among them. If you notice any issues, please drop a comment on this story.
Thus far, 2.1 seems to be all-around faster and better put-together than previous versions of WordPress. For those of you following along with my theme development, I’ve moved Elbee to “beta 2” status. Things are progressing nicely (you can follow along with development without even leaving this page – the RSS feed down at the bottom shows the last few Subversion commits that I’ve made on the project).
Note to my hosted sites (Brad, AndyOne and Andy II, I’m looking in your direction particularly): Now’s the time to speak up as to whether you’d like to move from your existing 2.0.x installs to 2.1. (There’s another alternative as well – best email me so we can talk it out…).

7 Replies to “‘Scuse The Mess”

  1. Oh my [gosh], you killed our blogs! You [bahleted!]!! JK
    Hope you get them up and running again soon. Or, ya know, whenever you get a chance.
    And don’t forget to reply to my email. Ya know, right after you do all that fathering stuff and your normal day-to-day stuff. Yup. Aren’t you glad I posted? I am not proud of myself.

  2. You needed to have your permalink format reinstated. I went ahead and did it for you – clear your cache and you should be good to go.
    Still want to move over to the MU setup?

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