Happy Thorstag Omibus!

It’s that time again — time to sum up a few days’ worth of browsing in a single, massive post.
Richard Scarry 1963 vs. Richard Scarry 1991, a study in the P.C. Police.
Oops. Somebody’s getting fired, so fired:

A less than… glowing review of Halo 3, featuring a wicked Australian accent and a healthy dose of cursing (i.e., very NSFW language). Not for the faint of heart.
The award for “Stupidest Name For A digg Competitor” goes to thoof.com.

Thinkgeek brings The Awesome with their 8-bit tie, “Geek Inside” maternity shirt, a book of unorthodox uses for LEGO© blocks and the best use of military geekery in a bumper sticker ever.
Citroen already had the best car ads ever in their transformer advertisements and then they went and plundered our collective childhood again for a Rubik’s Cube O’ Cars:

I thought that Rube Goldberg machines were suppsed to do nothing — I mean, isn’t that the point?
Photos of the Lehigh Valley Apple Store opening. Looks like the LVM is going all upscale on us…
Sanity in the Pennsylvania liquor laws? Heaven forefend! I mean, why would I want to have the ability to buy “only” a six pack instead of an entire case of beer? (Note the “invention” of an “18 pack”. Somebody in Harrisburg is smoking something, I tell you whut.)
Noh-tahn Fai-tah! “Viral” marketing in Japan apparently includes anthropomorphised computer viruses fighting a Mighty Morphin’ Norton Ranger.
Joystiq has videos of “real-life” Halo footage, the luckiest Halo 3 grenade toss ever and a plethora of Super Mario Galaxy videos. Dougy want.
Don’t oppress me, bro!

An interesting suggestion from Amazon’s Canadian site.

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