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The Illustrated Stephenson

Credit goes out to Aron for ferreting this one out. He’s been on a bit of a Flickr kick recently and happened across a Flickr group that is seeking to photographically document the real-world locations described in Neal Stephenson’s Baroque…

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Book Review: Old Man’s War

Title: Old Man’s War Author: John Scalzi Publisher: Tor Books Genre: Military Science Fiction Available From: Barnes & Noble, Amazon If my blogging has seemed a bit light and/or incoherent this week, it is entirely the fault of John Scalzi’s…

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Chuckle For The Day

I’ve always thought that romance novel covers offer an frightening intriguing view into the bizarre notions that publishing companies hold regarding what attracts female readers. Were I a female, I do believe I’d be downright offended at the vast majority…

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