Showin’ Off A Bit

I’m experimenting with allowing for custom stylesheets in Elbee Elgee, so don’t be alarmed by the current style. It’s still the same back-end code with a nice ode to the superlative Tarski thrown in for good measure. I’ll likely head back to the blue style in a couple of days, but I would appreciate comments, etc. from you all. Let me know how you think the redesign is coming along, what features you’d like to see, etc. and I’ll see what I can do.

A Move

I’ve been busy all day long and thus haven’t had a chance to post, but I thought I’d note that I’ve abandoned my Google Code project for my theme and have (painstakingly) migrated all changes and changelogs over to my self-hosted Trac install. GC was just too feature-limited – no ability to associate commits with bugs/entries/tickets/etc. was the biggest motivator. Once I release this bad boy, I’d like to see people take up Trac to help in development.
By the way: what do you think of the new sidebar link color? It seems a bit off to me, but I really wanted to differentiate links from text (they were the same color prior to this).

It’s Time For A Change

LB 4.0 beta!
That’s right, baby, I’m on my 5th revision (version 4, since all good computer scientists start counting at zero, of course) of my blog. Long time readers will likely recall the previous incarnations and, if you’ll excuse me a brief moment of vanity, I’ll run through them here. (Click the links below each thumbnail to get a better look at the various design).

“Literal Barrage” version 0
Cropped version | Full version

This design doesn’t quite count as “Literal Barrage” as it was the design I used on my Blogger blog during my first tentative foray into the wide world of blogging. It’s based on nix’s Subdued 1.0 OSWD design. Not much else to say about it other than the fact that I was really grateful to move off of Blogger when given the chance.

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In The Works: Literal Barrage v. 3.04.0

My posting has been a bit, well, limited as of late due to a variety of factors: work pressures and overtime, additional church commitments and a host of other things, including a redesign of the site.
It’s by no means a completed work yet, but I plan on releasing a version of it to the public once I’m finished and I’m pretty excited about the possibilities. Here’s a little taste of the theme, tentatively titled “Elbee Elgee”:
Elbee Elgee preview
More details to come.