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Old Coot Alert

I may well earn my AARP card with this one, but oh well. I’ve a confession to make, and it may well peg your “Crotchety-Old-Crank-o-meter”: I don’t “get” what’s so great about Kanye West. There, I’ve said it. He’s pulled…

Best FARK Headline In Ages

“Headline: Mariah Carey plans yacht arrival at MTV Awards during hurricane. Karnac: Name three things that really blow.” Heh. I miss Johnny Carson… (Link.)

Compare And Contrast

I report, you decide: vs. Britney FederlineSpears: Brain stolen by mysterious brain slug; Explains bizarre marriage and ensuing behavior. [Picture taken at Spears’ “Morroccan-themed” baby shower, apparently. Click her picture for further creepyinformative details. -ed.]

Five Quick Picks

Quick reviews of five of my most recent and most recently treasured albums: Album Title: We’re Not Happy ‘Til You’re Not Happy Artist: Reel Big Fish Year: 2005 Explicit content I’ve always held a special place in my heart for…