Traffic Surfing

So last week was fun, traffic-wise. Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds posted a link to an older entry of mine on the same day that he opined about the prevalence of “Can’t connect to database” errors that WordPress-powered sites tend to throw under load. Fortunately for me, I had anticipated just such a meteoric rise to Cylon-powered stardom and installed Donncha’s WP Super Cache plugin, and lo!, all was well. Unfortunately, as the above graph shows, few of those inbound links resulted in follow-on visits. Ingrates! Trespassers! Users! Fie!
The link resulted in my single highest day’s traffic and my single highest week’s aggregate traffic, which is definitely nice, considering my highest-trafficked pieces to date have been my contributions to Teh Internets’ vast archive of Scottish Slang. So, you know, net benefit and all that.

Get On The Porkbusters Bandwagon

Oink!Have you heard about the Porkbusters initiative? Glenn Reynolds and N.Z. Bear came up with the simple idea that, in order to help pay for the Katrina cleanup effort, individual bloggers and Netizens of all stripes should ferret out local pork projects and then pressure their Congresscritters to redirect said pork to those who really need it. The idea’s getting some press coverage as well as some play in the halls of Congress, both of which are beneficial in my opinion. So check out how your states are benefiting from unnecessary Federal spending and then add your findings to the collective list.
In news a bit closer to home, protests continue over the idiotic pay raises PA Commonwealth officials instituted for themselves, with a giant pig awaiting the return of the legislators and a giant protest timed to coincide with the start of the new lawmaking session.
Toss the bums out, the lot of ’em.