Tab Dump, Video Edition

Yesterday felt so cleansing, so freeing that I figured I would continue the practice until I am (nearly) tab free.
Today’s tab dump contains a surfeit of videos, so, you know, less reading.
First up, “Canon in Dork”:

Next, Fred Thompson beta testing his Presidential stump speech.
Ahh, Batman and Spiderman, when will you ever learn that you fight for the same cause?

Do not feel bad for ze lamp:

Ever wonder what Peter Griffin would be like, were he to star in a Capcom Street Fighter fighting game? Wonder no more [typical Family Guy crassnes and language warning applies].
Gametrailers presents the top 10 games of the 8 bit console era:

Friends don’t let the Friends cast advertise Windows ’95:

A post-GOP debate interview with Fred! Thompson.
NPR staffers determine whether social norms and conventions (i.e., no staring, no standing too close, etc.) apply virtually in Second Life. (Hint: yes, they do. Don’t be a griefer.)
Mario and Peach meet the real New York, with disastrous consequences for poor shroom-addicted Mario.
Those poor, poor Home Shopping hosts — they never knew what hit ’em (well, except for the floor, a katana, a basic lack of zoological knowledge…).
Acting lessons from the indomitable Sir Ian McKellen:

Good advice, that.

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  1. Re: Canon in Dork – It’s actually kinda cool. Poor kid, the only thing dorkier would be if his mom walked in and asked him to take out the trash or something…

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