Friday Linkfestivus

Time for a little link dump, I’d say.
Looking for an oldschool flair for your newschool iPod? Best grab a boombox dock, then.
Via Wired, we have the wonder of officeplace Faceball.

Oh dear: sluggish sales for Sousaphone Hero. I guess Rock Marching Band is due to be canceled, then…
A giant steel conveyor belt for testing NASCARs. Yowsa.
Starcraft 2 preview? Woo hoo!
Putting this week’s bridge collapse in perspective is Popular Mechanics’ 10 worst American disasters of the last century, while Scientific American weighs in on that just-happened-yet-quickly-forgotten NYC steam pipe explosion.
Tom Swifties: for all your retro-fun pun needs.
Have you seen the genius that is HBO’s Flight of the Conchords? No? Then witness the wonder of “The Hip-Hopopotamus vs. The Rhymenocerous” [mild language warning]: