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Fantasy Football Results, Week 9

Self Destruction (150.50 pts) defeated The Barrage (147.25 pts) Butt Stompers (169.25 pts) defeated The Barrage (147.25 pts) Well, I went and did it – I allowed emotion and affinity for my hometown team to cloud my judgement, and oh,…

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Fantasy Football Results, Week 8

The Barrage (159.25 pts) defeated Soldiers of Fortune (103.25 pts) The Barrage (159.25 pts) defeated The Man (142.00 pts) Despite a horrendous performance from Donovan “Blowin’ Chunky Soup in Tampa” McNabb, I managed to roll to a 13-3 record, primarily…

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Oh, The Huge Manatee!

Memo to Brad: If you are unable to convince your employer of the folly of their recent moves, I will hold you personally responsible. I mean, they can sell cigarettes, lunch meat and mac n’ cheese all they want, but…

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