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Developing Parenting Metrics

Test #: 426 (approximating). Test Subject: Stewart, William J. Date of Test: 2006-05-21. Stimulus: Pureed spinach in rice-based ceral matrix. Response: Rejection. Objective Evidence: Conclusion: Experiment should be classified as sheer and utter FAILURE of the highest order.


A Photographic Ode to Linguistic Ambiguity I snapped this pic with my RAZR cellphone Crapcam at the local Genuardi’s – the mind positively reels at what, exactly, that term might mean.

Phun With Photography

I stumbled across a couple of nifty photo streams recently via digg and thought them worthy of sharing further. First up is an amazing set of pictures of a rainbow, taken from just about as close to one as I’ve…

A Change In Policy

Due to familial concerns, I’ve closed down public access to any of my galleries featuring pics of Will and the wife and other nuclear family members. If you’re a friend or family member and want access to the pics, head…