3 Cheers For The Internet, Eternal Font Of Mirth And Amusement!

So Aron stumbled across the newly-proposed “don’t come near else you’re risking a severe dose of radiation, and not the cool ‘turns-you-into-the-Hulk-slash-Fantastic-Four-kind” signs created by the IAEA (Official Motto: “No time to search for Iranian nukes, we’re making signs!”) and decided to post it to the “Stick Figures In Peril” Flickr group (a source of much mirth in and of itself, mind you). An enterprising Flickr user decided to alter the sign for Japanese consumption and the following is what resulted:
Radiation, Gojirra!
I must admit I actually snorted out loud upon seeing that version. I agree with the other Flickr commenters as well: a T-shirt simply must be in the offing.

Phun With Photography

I stumbled across a couple of nifty photo streams recently via digg and thought them worthy of sharing further. First up is an amazing set of pictures of a rainbow, taken from just about as close to one as I’ve seen. Very cool stuff.
Next is an awesome HDR photoset of New York City over at Flickr. Simply awesome.

The Illustrated Stephenson

Credit goes out to Aron for ferreting this one out. He’s been on a bit of a Flickr kick recently and happened across a Flickr group that is seeking to photographically document the real-world locations described in Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle (i.e. Quicksilver, The Confusion and The System of the World). Thus far, it looks as if they just have portions of England covered – I’m quite looking forward to the shots that will come from Mexico City, the Phillipines, the Japanese coast, India and the Barbary Coast.

“Camera Tossing” – A Flippin’ SWEET Flickr Meme

Flippin sweetFrom the Kids, don’t try this at home with your father’s $1200 digital SLR dept.
Some enterprising young shutterbugs over at Flickr have created a new meme for those of usyou out there with disposable income and/or digital cameras: camera tossing. Aspiring “camera tossers” (bet that one gets a laugh in the UK) set their cameras’ exposure times to a high value, walk outside during the evening or night, preferably in an urban area, click the shutter and then toss their cameras into the air. The results are quite stunning, if I do say so myself. Check out the slideshow and the unofficial blog which will be highlighting the notable shots.
‘Course, I’m only willing to let other saps risk their cameras for my enjoyment. I think I’d have a hard time getting Sony to replace another broken camera
Source: Fark.