“Camera Tossing” – A Flippin’ SWEET Flickr Meme

Flippin sweetFrom the Kids, don’t try this at home with your father’s $1200 digital SLR dept.
Some enterprising young shutterbugs over at Flickr have created a new meme for those of usyou out there with disposable income and/or digital cameras: camera tossing. Aspiring “camera tossers” (bet that one gets a laugh in the UK) set their cameras’ exposure times to a high value, walk outside during the evening or night, preferably in an urban area, click the shutter and then toss their cameras into the air. The results are quite stunning, if I do say so myself. Check out the slideshow and the unofficial blog which will be highlighting the notable shots.
‘Course, I’m only willing to let other saps risk their cameras for my enjoyment. I think I’d have a hard time getting Sony to replace another broken camera
Source: Fark.


  1. Just a minor correction
    (found you via technocrati site search)
    The blog is the “official” blog, run by the same person that started the madness on flickr (the camera toss interest group),

  2. Well there you go, then. I shall correct the post. *grin*

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