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  • Meagre Offerings

    Busy, busy, busy am I. Thus, amuse yourself with the following parody of Nintendo’s forthcoming “Wii Fit” product: Also take note of the Toribash v. 3 trailer:

  • Anthology Of “Meh, Could Be Interesting”

    [Yes, the post’s title is an invocation of a certain Futurama episode. -ed.] Presenting, with very little fanfare, a collection of (mildly) amusing links, etc. collected lo these many days. The USS Robert A. Heinlein? Too cool for school. Every friggin’ Transformer, like, ever sold on eBay for a cool $1 million. Fark Photoshoppers envision…

  • The Very Definition Of “Too Much Time On One’s Hands”

    This rendition of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” is destined to become the next Geico “15 minutes on the Internet…” ad, I garontee: That’s some dedication and some fancy handwork. Source: NewTeeVee.

  • Chuck Storm: “Poor Peripheral Vision” Man!

    I’ve nothing further to add other than “Heh.” http://view.break.com/330538 – Watch more free videos (I’d be pretty ticked at my cameraman — a “Heads up!” would’ve saved everyone a bit of embarrassment.)

  • Supah Happy Fun Tiemuh!

    Can there be anything that exceeds the brilliance of a gameshow based upon human tetris? I think not! Why don’t we import gameshows like this or MXC instead of crappy “Who Wants To Outsmart A 40 Year Old Millionaire Weakest Link”? Peter Griffin was unavailable for comment on this story: Heh.

  • Videos Out The Yin-Yang

    My in-laws have been in town for about the past week, so I’ve been a bit limited in terms of how much time I can get on the ol’ Lappy 486, and for this, I apologize. What follows is a compendium of the weird, wild and entertaining free videos I’ve stumbled across these last few…

  • While I’m In The “Posting Videos” Mood…

    Submitted for your enjoyment/consideration. A Demetri Martin “video” that’s little more than a still shot with a voice-over. Still, it’s pretty good comedy (and it beats taking the airlines): The Robot Chicken Star Wars Special, Part 1:

  • There Are Some Things One Cannot Debate

    For instance, this is the single best video of a squirrel slingshot you are likely to see. Ever.

  • Mee-su Bah-stahhs

    So I guess this is what passes for Mythbusters in Japan (nice use of Matrix music, by the way): Frames of reference are fun! [Yes, but what happens if a jet plane tries to take off from a moving conveyor belt? -ed.] [quiet, you! -ed.’s ed.] Source.

  • Get Bused, Get Omnibused

    It’s that time again — time for some bigtime link aggregation. So strap in and enjoy the ride, y’all. PA liquor laws are stupid, unpopular. Sky blue, Pope Catholic, Queen English. I pride myself on being a bit of a geek, but getting the real Boba Fett to show up and object to your Star…