“Props” In An Open Source Project! Fame And Fortune Are Mine! Except For The Fame Part. And, Most Likely, No Fortune.

All of you bloggers looking to upgrade to WordPress 2.1 when it comes out, you’ll have me to thank for a very minor, almost inconsequential spelling fix in the included documentation. And I’ve got the URL to prove it! *grin*


Doug, very minor or not, it was still a fix! 🙂 😉 And to think, I was going to do up a post like this on my blog. Celebrating my very first “props” for adding a fix. But, I figured Nah..I won’t worry about it. 😛
Now however, after reading your post here, I just might do it! If and when I get some free time here, I’ll write up a post and then send a ping and trackback this way!
We my as well celebrate this together! 😀

Oh shoot! I can’t wait to for that gravatar.com site to be back up again, I seriously need to change that gravatar of mine! Sorry about that Doug. 🙁