Space, Time And Mario: A Toddler’s Perspective

Ahh, toddler logic. I received Super Mario Galaxy for my Wii as a birthday present from my in-laws and promised Will that I would sit down and play it with him as soon as time allowed. See, SMG is rated “E for Everyone” and, well, Will is definitely a part of “Everyone”, so I figured […]

Tales From The Subconscious, Jet Lag Edition

5:30am, local time Id: WAKE UP. Ego: …*snrrrrk* Wha? Huh? Gah! I: WE WAKE UP. NOW. E: What the heck time is it… Idiot! It’s bleedin’ 5:30 in the bleedin’ morning! Let’s go back to sleep. I: IS NOT. IS 8:30. HUNGRY. JOBS SPEAKING IN HOUR. E: You moron. There’s a 3 hour time difference. […]

‘Member When The Canadians Weren’t Pacifistic Hose-Heads?

Good times, good times. Sometimes I miss the ol’ USSR, if only for its hockey team. And it’s position as primary supplier of movie villains. I mean, what’s Miracle without the Red Army? Rocky IV without Ivan Drago? Spies Like Us without “Jerry Hadley” and “Bob Hodges”? Nothing, man. Nothing.

A Good Time Was Had By All – A Photo Essay

I packed up my wife and child and headed out to the area near Warren, PA and the Kinzua Dam last week for some rest and relaxation with my grandparents. Two days of relaxation were matched by two days of driving, but on balance, we had a lot of fun. We basically veged out on […]

Network Gremlins

I don’t know if it’s a universal I.T. thing or not, but at my place of employment we sysadmins have taken to blaming any freak accident/unexplainable computer phenomenon/Series of Unfortunate Events on “gremlins”. A person couldn’t log on five minutes ago and all of a sudden, they can? Gremlins. USB sticks now mounting when, previously, […]

Will’s New Do

A common subject of discussion over the course of last weekend’s festivities was the length of Will’s hair, primarily my various relatives’ opposition to its ever-increasing tendencies and our hesitancy to arrest said tendencies. Well, this weekend we finally found ourselves agreeing with the chorus and decided to give Will a bit of a shearing. […]

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