WordCamp St. Louis 2014

I’m speaking this afternoon at WordCamp St. Louis 2014 about making your whole* life easier with WP-CLI.

My slide deck is available right here:

2CELLOS: “Thunderstruck”

So, SO good.


What a stunner. Just sit back and take in the whole production.

MashMike, “Wake Up, Mary!”

Avicii + CCR + Tina Turner. A stupidly good mashup by MashMike.

Who’s On Stage?


The band on stage!


(I miss Animaniacs.)

Rack Stanking: The Perils Of An Inferior System (Stack Ranking)

I came across an article on Slate this morning bemoaning the “Stack Ranking” employee rating system employed by Microsoft (and apparently pioneered by Jack Welch at GE). I’ve had some experience in companies employing a stack ranking system, or one very close to such a system and so I took to Twitter with a few of my thoughts, reproduced below.

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