They’re Trying to Kill Us

Daniel Henninger struck gold in today’s WSJ. Have we forgotten they’re trying to kill us? We need more people at higher echelons of the gov’t to think/speak this way. Rumsfeld can’t do it all, after all!

Go Forrester.

Doug Forrester, former mayor of West Windsor, NJ (my high school hometown) has drawn even with Bob “The Torch” Torricelli, who continues to be plagued by ethics problems. Go Forrester.

Odd Bedfellows

My wife called me yesterday afternoon, practically in tears. She had found an article in US News titled Odd Bedfellows (side note: Was US News intentionally trying to avoid a cliche, albeit in a half-hearted fashion? Or do they honestly…

Frist Proust!

Figured it was time to latch on to the blogging bandwagon (“blandwagon”?), since everyone and their brother’s dog now seems to have one. Need to come up with a better title for this h’yar blog; “rm -rf /bin/laden” was the…