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This Just Gets Better And Better

Ahhhh, Sony BMG, how we love to hate thee! Not only have you been caught installing unauthorized rootkits on your customers’ PCs, but it’s been found that you’re illegally using LGPL’d software to do so.
Tsk tsk. What’s the Japanese word for schadenfreude, anyways?
Anti-Competitive Update #1: Via Fark, we find out that Sony BMG is also leading a price-fixing cartel intent on driving online music prices up. For shame.
Anti-Competitive Update #2: Update #1 corrected to note that this in regards to all online sales, at least in the consumer electronics realm, thus it is Sony in its entirety and not simply its BMG music division that is involved in this scheme. In the U.K.. As far as I can tell.

5 responses to “This Just Gets Better And Better”

  1. AndyOne Avatar

    Yeah, I just read that one /. as well. If it is indeed true, they have REALLY shown complete incompetance. Exactly how it got that far without ANY red-flags before it was released boggles the mind…

  2. Doug Avatar

    I honestly believe they 150% underestimated their customer base. They thought they could get away with it, plain and simple.
    Conspiratorial Theory #1: Sony actually has a perfectly-functional DRM kit waiting in the wings, but under previous precedents, customers would have found it obnoxious. Sony thus released a ham-fisted DRM kit sure to enrage consumers, thus allowing them to release their “reasonable” “concession” of a DRM kit at a later date.

  3. AndyOne Avatar

    I am laughing because you lambasted my conspiracy theory on the supreme court noms, and yet in your theory, if you replace Sony with PotUS, and DRM Kit with Judge, you have my theory…
    Tag…you’re it…

  4. Doug Avatar

    I forgot to add my closing </tinfoil hat> tag, obviously.
    ‘Twas a joke, silly.

  5. AndyOne Avatar

    OHHHHH. RainBOWS. I like them…
    You go hide behind your hat. I’ve got my (closed) passport to protect me…