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Site News And Updates

I’ve made a few changes around here lately and thought it might be worth pointing out the (fairly subtle) modifications.
First up is the Rolling Archives visible at the bottom of the main blog page, originally conceived of by Michael Heilman and then nicely WordPress plugin-ized by Zeo, meaning that it was dead easy to drop them in to my K2 theme setup.
Secondly, check the very bottom of the sidebar to the right side of this page – I’ve added a Server Load button that gives you a fairly good idea as to just how (over)loaded the server that runs this site is at any given time. It’s using the Linux-standard /proc/loadavg, which is a small deviation from the standard UNIX load system. Basically, any load over 1.0 is indicative of a heavy load. (Right now, it’s reading between 2-3 fairly consistently, with spikes to well over 8 during the day. I’ve contacted my hosting provider and they have acknowledged the issue but have declined to give me an ETA for a fix. For all my hosted blogs, this affects you too, so if your sites seem slow, that’s most likely the cause). It might not end up being very useful for my visitors, but it definitely gives me warm fuzzies.
Third and last of all, Feedburner seems to have added the ability to add “social bookmarking” entries to one’s feeds, so I dropped in my del.icio.us username and now those of you reading this site via my RSS feed should begin getting daily digests of the bookmarks I posted to del.icio.us on any given day.
Drop a comment in the comments section of this post and let me know what you think, if’n y’all don’t mind…


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  2. It’s very sad and I probably shouldn’t admit this since I already have a blog but I don’t even know what RSS is!! Let alone all that other stuff… The Server load thing is kinda cool, as is the rolling archives…