I’d Best Be Working Some Overtime, Then.

I have to admit, I’ve started to become a bit of an Apple fanboy in the wake of my Powerbook/MacBook Pro conversion, but even if I hadn’t started down the road to Macdom, I still would have lusted after an iPod. (Not a Nano, not a Shuffle, a full-up iPod. I want to store my whole music collection on a single device. Shiny?) There’s only one small problem: the iPod has always been just a bit too pricey for my tastes, thus I’ve never pulled the trigger on a purchase. Apple seems to have their collective head screwed on just right when it comes to the portable music player market, so it was with interest that I “tuned” in to Engadget’s live coverage of Apple’s Tuesday “Show Time” keynote/press conference/whatever. After the event began, I hit the “Refresh” button on my browser about once every two minutes or so. What follows is an illustrated guide to my approximate thought process as Jobs’ presentation proceeded.

Blah, blah, blah, we’ve sold 50 gazillion iPods in its three model lines. Get on with it!

The new features are nice. Brighter screen, longer battery life, new searchable interface. Cool.
Games? Cool. Pac Man, Tetris, Zuma, Bejeweled. I can dig it.
Wait, what? Did Steve just say “Bejeweled”? I’m dead. My wife has a severe Bejeweled addiction – has since the moment I showed it to her. It’s almost Penny-Arcade-bad.
Great. Now I’m going to have to buy onetwo of these suckers. Hey, at least Apple’s supposed to lower the prices, right?
D’oh! Well, $50 is $50, right?

That’s pretty much where I actively tuned out, though I hear Apple announced a new Shuffle, new Nano, a streaming set-top box all in addition to their revised iPods.
Now, perhaps I could have sucked it up, saved some cash and just lumped the expense, but then I had to be an idiot and go and repeat my performance with Engadget’s live coverage of the U.S. reveal of the Nintendo Wii. To be released November 19th for $250, the Wii will include all necessary cables to hook it up to your TV, a sensor bar, one Wiimote controller, one “nunchuk” Wiimote attachment and a copyof Wii Sports which encompasses Wii Baseball, Wii Tennis, Wii Golf, Wii Bowling and Wii Boxing. Oh, and the Wii site was updated with a preview movie of the forthcoming Wii lineup and Game Videos released a Metroid Prime 3. Great, just great. Now how am I going to dredge up that much scratch in the next 2 months?
Anybody want to start a “Buy Doug a Wii and Two iPods” Fund? *grin*


Yea. I’ve bought 3 iPods since they came out. The last one I bought is a 60gig video so I’m done buying iPods until they can make coffee. The price doesn’t seem to stop people from getting them. I guess tru Mac enthusiast will go to any lenght to be the one with the new iPod.