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Washington, D.C. filled with thin-skinned, juvenile, self-aggrandizing individuals who hire other people to be petty, juvenile, foul-mouthed and relentlessly self-aggrandizing for them. I, for one, am shocked, shocked to see such behavior from our elected officials’ hired hands.

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Tag, I’m It

Zoinks, I’ve been tagged by Ryan, my Philly-area compatriot (sorry I haven’t been to a Meetup recently. Next one, I promise…). Yeah, I know it’s the blogging equivalent of a non-anonymous chain letter, but hey, it’s fun. As such, my…

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Attention, East Coast Employers

AndyOne has been rather unceremoniously let go by his employer. If you’re in need of an experienced project manager/project engineer, Andy’s your guy. With experience at Intel, Trex Decking and New World Pasta, he’s got diversified experience and I can…

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