Category: Web Design

  • Huzzah! OSWD Returns

    Many of you web design geeks out there were probably aware that Open Source Web Design (OSWD) had been down for a couple of months, due to some as-of-yet-unspecified reasons. I took the temporary loss of OSWD as a great blow, as I have used many, many of the designs available there as jumping-off points…

  • Penny Arcade – (CSS) Rebooted

    Congratulations to the Penny Arcade guys on their site “reboot“. The new layout looks to be a variation on the one first introduced over at the Child’s Play site and I must say, it’s a beauty. Good job on the conversion guys, although the news post headlines overrun their alotted space, at least on Gecko-based…

  • Mac OS X 10.4.3 Has Hit The Streets

    I’ve loved my PowerBook ever since the day I brought it home, although it’s been conditional love. I’ve had all manner of niggling annoyances with the OS and it has taken me a while to get accustomed to the Mac way of doing things. I’ve gotten through the acclimation period, but those nits with the…

  • Very Slick WordPress Theme Browser

    If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your WordPress install, you should definitely take a look at’s new theme browser. It has the vast majority of WP themes that I’ve seen, posted with thumbnails and easy previews. Very, very slick.

  • Flogging “Flock”, My New Favorite Browser

    I’ve always been a bit of a browser first-adopter, hasty to try each and every one that came out.  I’ve used most non-IE browsers for Windows, Mac and Linux – from Opera to Konqueror and its KHTML-powered brethren, Safari and Shiira, to just about every Gecko-powered browser out there. K-Meleon, Mozilla, Galeon, Camino, the Netscape…

  • Politicians And Diplomats Take Note

    Keep your UN off my Internet and keep your dirty “Broadcast Flag” off my TV.

  • Web Advertisers Take Note

    Ad agencies of the world, please note this story over on Slashdot. You’ll rarely find a more tech-savvy crowd than /.’ers and so it would behoove you to read the comments and find out why, precisely, people are installing ad-blocking software in droves. They’re providing you with market research, free of charge. Read all 1100…

  • Opera Web Browser – Ad Free, Fee Free

    Looking for an alternative browser? Have you wanted to check out Opera but been put off by the notion of ad banners and fees? Fret no more, for Opera has announced it’s permanently freeing their browser. It’s available for Mac OSX, Linux, Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, QNX, OS/2 and mobile platforms. Dig it.

  • Google Beaten To The Punch – By Microsoft

    Those in the know noted a couple of weeks ago that Microsoft had quietly added the capability to search blogs and feeds via MSN Search. For instance, if you prepend feed: to a search string, only results that appear in RSS/Atom feeds will be returned (e.g., feed: literal barrage) or, if you prepend hasfeed:, only…

  • Everyone Give Slashdot A Round Of Applause As They Join Us In The “Noughties”

    Slashdot: finally moving to CSS-based layout, and not a momentfive years too late. Heh. Maybe it’ll finally render correctly in Firefox, for a change.